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Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The real shield for your good health.

Masters In Citrus Fruits

High quality Citrus Fruits all year long.

Masters In Olive Oil & Olives

Taste the real treasure of Greece. Organic or Regular.

Fresh Greek Fruits & Vegetables

A huge variety of fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Organic or Regular.

Various Natural Products From Greece

Natural goods such as Spirits, Nuts, Dryed Fruits, Herbs.

Important Notice:Price is just a numberQuality is what you get


Looking for oranges?
Best quality oranges from Skala of Laconia Greece

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Health Claims

Here you can find premium organic extra virgin olive oil in bottles with certification and health claims, from the region of Laconia.

Greek Vegetables organic or regular

Discover the real taste of vegetables.